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What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a patient-centred manual therapy that may be helpful in treating patinets with:

- Back pain
- Soft tissue injuries involving muscles, ligaments & tendons
- Shoulder, arm and neck pain
- Sport injuries
- Hip, knee, ankle and foot pain
- Post operative rehabilitation
- Whiplash
- Back pain etc. in pregnancy

Osteopathy may also be helpful in treating babies with colic, birth related trauma and disrupted sleep patterns. It may also be helpful in treating children with learning and behavioural difficulties.

A variety of techniques and approaches to treatment may be used including:

- Soft tissue therapy
- Manipulation and adjustment
- Lymphatic drainage
- Myofascial release
- Cranial sacral osteopathy
- Visceral osteopathy

Normally adults are treated in their underwear. However, treatment may also be carried out in clothes if preferred. Babies and children are treated in clothes and only in the presence of a parent or appointed adult.

During the First Consultation the Osteopath will take all the details of the patient's symptoms, what happened and any relevant past medical history. The Osteopath will then place his/her hands gently on the patient to assess the health of the body by feeling how it moves. It may look as if nothing is happening but the osteopath will be concentrating on feeling different parts of the body and its very subtle involuntary movements. In addition some movements might be included to diagnose different structures that are involved.

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